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Combo Elk / Deer Hunt

Experience the thrill of the Combo Elk/Deer Hunt where you get to engage in the adventure of tracking two distinct species in a variety of landscapes. This hunting journey offers a unique opportunity to explore both public and private lands, adding an element of unpredictability to your experience. The combination of nature's grandeur and the primal excitement of the hunt creates an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind hunting journey that blends the excitement of two hunts into one extraordinary adventure.

Pricing: $11,000

Bull Elk Hunt

Elk hunting is an adventurous pursuit requiring careful preparation, specific skills, and reliable equipment. Key skills include understanding elk behavior, stealth, patience, and accuracy. The hunt involves navigation through challenging terrain, physical fitness, and resilience against unpredictable weather. It is a rigorous activity that demands mental toughness and a deep connection with nature. With all these elements in play, an elk hunt embodies the essence of a true outdoor challenge. Madison Ranches experience makes an Elk Hunt possible even if you don't check all the boxes.

Pricing: $6500

Buck Deer Hunt

Deer hunting is a complex activity that necessitates understanding deer behavior, physical stamina, and the right gear. It involves predicting deer movement based on their behavior, enduring long periods of walking, sitting, and glassing. The selection of hunting equipment is often based on personal preference and experience. Essential gear may include camouflage clothing, binoculars, a weapon, and survival essentials. Lastly, ethical hunting practices and respect for nature are fundamental to the process.

Pricing: $7250
Late Cow

Late Cow Hunt

Late Cow Elk Hunting takes place between the regular hunting season when the Elk herds are moving off the mountain before the snow gets to deep and entails careful preparation, understanding elk behavior, and physical endurance. It requires the right gear, including optics and weaponry, and a good physical condition to manage the demanding terrain. Utilizing a guided outfitter is often beneficial for safety and logistical reasons. A successful hunt also requires mental toughness, patience, ethical hunting practices, and a deep respect for nature.


Archery Hunt

An archery hunt involves the appropriate gear, including a bow, arrows, range finders, and more. Safety education courses are recommended, especially for beginners. Mastering distance judging is a crucial skill for successful archery hunting. Additionally, other equipment such as scent control items and tree stand gear might be necessary, depending on the hunting plan. Overall, careful preparation and understanding of the task at hand are key for a successful archery hunt.

Muzzle Loader

Muzzle Loader

A muzzleloader hunt involves using a muzzleloader, which is categorized into types like flintlock, percussion, and inline. This hunting style is effective on deer and larger games, and provides unique satisfaction and a skill-enhancing experience. It necessitates understanding of ethical hunting practices, safety, and mastering distance judging. Additional equipment like optics and scent control items may be needed. Overall, it demands careful preparation, game understanding, and appropriate gear.


Trophy Hunt

A successful trophy Elk and Deer hunt necessitates meticulous planning, rigorous physical training, and comprehensive knowledge of the animals' ecology. Scouting beforehand is indispensable, as understanding the habitat and behavior of these majestic creatures significantly increases the chances of a fruitful hunt. Essential equipment includes high-quality hunting gear, precision firearms or bows, and weather-appropriate clothing. The thrill of tracking and chasing these elusive animals is unparalleled, requiring immense patience, strategic thinking, and a keen sense of respect for their magnificence. The culmination of the hunt, harvesting a trophy Elk or Deer, brings immense satisfaction, while also contributing to essential conservation efforts, thereby maintaining a delicate balance between sport and preservation.


Predator Hunt

Hunting apex predators like Mountain Lions, Bobcats, and Coyotes is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit that requires strategic tactics, adept equipment, and refined techniques. Understanding the predator's behavior and movements is key to adapting your hunting strategy, necessitating keen scouting and tracking skills. The right equipment, including specialized firearms or bows and suitable ammunition, is essential in these elusive hunts. Ethical hunting practices, respecting the animal and its habitat, are fundamental, along with in-depth knowledge of hunting laws. Success in such hunts not only tests your skills but also offers an unparalleled connection with nature and its most formidable creatures.

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Small Game

Small Game Hunt

Small game hunting is a recreational activity that requires a keen understanding of woodcraft and shooting skills. The necessary equipment typically includes firearms, ammunition, or archery gear, which are generally less expensive than those needed for big game hunting. The rules and regulations vary based on location and species, and it's essential for hunters to be well-versed in these. Despite a recent decline, small game hunting remains a beloved pastime for many, providing an opportunity to hone survival skills and engender a deeper appreciation for nature.

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Handicap Hunt

A handicapped hunt empowers individuals with physical disabilities to experience the thrill of the chase. These hunts are tailored to accommodate all abilities. Specialized gear and accessible hunting locations ensure everyone can participate. These hunts are more than a sport; they're an opportunity to celebrate inclusion in the great outdoors. Join the adventure, and experience an inclusive hunting experience like no other.

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Fully Guided

A fully guided hunt is an all-inclusive hunting experience where professional guides lead hunters throughout the hunt. These guides offer expertise in tracking and stalking game, ensuring a higher success rate. The service generally includes accommodations, meals, and transportation within hunting grounds. It's ideal for novice hunters or those unfamiliar with the hunting area, providing a safer, educational, and more successful hunting experience.


Northwestern Colorado is a hunter's paradise, with its vast wilderness, diverse game populations, and rugged beauty that provides an unparalleled hunting experience. Madison Ranches, a reputable hunting outfitter in this region, adds a layer of expertise and unique opportunities that can make your hunting trip an unforgettable one.

Animal & Method

Hunting in Northwestern Colorado offers a variety of game species. From the majestic elk to the nimble mule deer, pronghorn, and mountain lions, hunters can choose their preferred game. Madison Ranches, with its sprawling private lands, provides ample opportunities to hunt these species in their natural habitat. The hunting methods used often depend on the species hunted and the hunter's preference. These can range from spot and stalk, still hunting, to calling and waiting.


The overall experience of hunting in Northwestern Colorado, especially with Madison Ranches, is quite unique. Amidst the breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains, hunting becomes more than just a sport - it's an adventurous journey. The thrill of tracking and hunting game in this rugged terrain, combined with the serene beauty of the natural surroundings, is an alluring mix that keeps hunters coming back year after year.


Booking a hunt with Madison Ranches comes with numerous benefits. With their vast private lands, hunters can enjoy an exclusive hunting experience away from public hunting pressure. Their experienced and knowledgeable guides ensure that even novice hunters have a successful hunt. Madison Ranches also offers full-service hunting trips, which include accommodations, meals, and professional guiding services.


The accommodations at Madison Ranches provide a comfortable and relaxing environment after a thrilling day of hunting. You can expect comfortable lodgings with all the necessary amenities, delicious meals, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Their guiding services are top-notch, ensuring that hunters not only have a successful hunt but also learn and improve their hunting skills.


Previous clients of Madison Ranches often speak highly of their hunting experience. The professional and friendly staff, excellent guiding services, successful hunts, and the overall experience are some of the factors that contribute to their high satisfaction levels.


In summary, hunting in Northwestern Colorado with Madison Ranches offers a unique and adventurous hunting experience. From the diverse game available, expert guiding services, comfortable accommodations to the unique opportunities on private lands, a hunt with Madison Ranches is definitely something every hunter should consider.